What Are The Benefits Of Buying Used Measurement Tools?

4 Benefits of Buying Used Measurement Tools

Posted: 2021-03-08 21:33:53

Gauge tools. Micrometers. Digital dials. Backlash indicators. These measurement tools are vital pieces of hardware needed to make sure a project gets done right the first time.

And, as you may have guessed, since they are so vital to an industrial job, they should always be on hand - a staple of any machine shop. There used to be a time when your only real choice for buying measurement tools was buyingbrand new - and paying the full retail price. However, e-commerce sites, such as NRI Industrial, have made it possible to buy used and surplus equipment, tools and parts.

While 'buying used' has never been easier, there are still a number of misconceptions regarding what to expect when it comes to used and surplus equipment. In fact, Aucto, an industrial auction platform, wrote an article concerning some of the more common misconceptions.

Unfortunately, with so many misconceptions, it can be easy to forget the many benefits of buying used. So, here are four reminders why used is often just as good as new.

1. Buying used doesn't mean buying broken

Many people incorrectly think that surplus or used industrial equipment such as measurement tools were given up by their original owners for one reason only - they stopped working.

This is factually wrong.

Quality used tools sold by trusted vendors like NRI are available not because they're flawed or broken, but simply because their original purchasers no longer had a need for them.

Translation? They work just as good as a new purchase.

2. You get measurement tools for less

Now that we've mentioned how used tools are just as reliable as new ones, it seems like a good time to mention what for many is the main reason to buy used: the price difference. You get the same quality for a drastically reduced price - in effect, more tool for less buck. This frees up space in your budget for other purchases, letting you get more output with your money.

3. Measuring tools are built to last

You don't have to worry about that used measuring tool losing its function soon after buying it. Measuring tools are made with constituent parts meant to last not years, but decades.

4. Measuring tools are sparingly used

This is one of the more logical reasons to buy used, but is often an overlooked factor- just how many hours a day on average is a measuring tool used? Answer? Not very many. This means the tool likely suffered relatively little wear and tear, meaning you can buy it with great confidence it still has a lot of life left in it - and years more service to give.

Like most industrial parts, there's a comparable amount of pros for buying old as there are for buying new. The trick is to purchase them through a reputable company to ensure quality and performance.

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