Our Top 10 Industry Blogs Worth Following

Ten Industry Blogs Worth Following

Posted: 2021-03-08 21:26:36

The industrial sector is a mixture of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) services. As a result, there's a huge disparity between the industrial sector's use of social media when compared to other sectors. This is due to B2B businesses, especially manufacturers, often being the slowest to accept and integrate social media marketing.

Apart from networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, social media also encompasses blogs. Often, industry specific blogs online blogs are the best sources of information. Unfortunately, due to the industrial sector's reluctance to engage in social media, quality blogs are difficult to find.

With that said, they do exist; that's why we compiled a list of ten blogs that are either industry specific or focus on industrial marketing.

Industry-specific blogs
  1. Electrical Engineering Community

    The Electrical Engineering Community is both a blog and forum. It shares technical and practical tips on building different energy systems. Posts include product features, essays, articles and more.

  2. Instrumentation Engineering

    Instrumentation Engineering posts on anything related to instrumentation technology and tools, even employment opportunities at various companies.

  3. e-pneumatic blog

    While run by a company, the e-pneumatic blog doesn't focus on selling the company's products. Instead, it features practical information on a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and parts. Topics include compressed air cars, flow control valves and pneumatic cylinder repair and installation.

  4. Pump Scout

    Pump Scout organises some of the leading pump experts to share their advice on pumps and systems. Articles include personal experiences, as well as advice on saving time, reducing costs and improving pump and system reliability.

  5. World Pumps

    In addition to practical advice and how-to guides, World Pumps includes industry news with an analysis on how it may affect various industries. The website also includes a digital magazine users may subscribe to.

  6. Quality Hydraulics

    Quality Hydraulics offers in-depth articles and tips on product specifications for fluid power products and processes. It has articles on everything from accumulators to controllers to manifolds and more.

  7. Valve Magazine

    Valve Magazine is an online magazine and blog dedicated to valves. Subjects covered include valve type for specific applications, the valve industry's impact on climate change, as well as marketing techniques.

  8. TechSpex

    TechSpex provides metalworkers free research and analysis tools to help them find the right machine for their job. It's database contains detailed specs for over 600 machine tool brands and 7,500 new models.

Industrial-marketing blogs
  1. Industrial Marketing Today

    Industrial Marketing Today provides insights and actionable marketing advice for manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies. It also features a number of free resources, such as playbooks and whitepapers.

  2. Aucto

    Aucto is an online auction platform for used and surplus industrial equipment. Its blog focuses on marketing techniques and the benefits of buying used and surplus.